Microprism Optics

Microprism Optics an optometry business in Melbourne’s Docklands has been using Ezylink for well over five years.

The business owners had Ezylink recommended to them and have found it to be a really useful solution to seamlessly have data from the optician specific point of sale system (POS), Optomate, available for their book-keeper in Xero.

Book-keeper, Kylie Hall, works with clients in all different types of businesses, many of whom also use Xero for their POS. Kylie said the data comes across via Ezylink automatically and she is able to access daily sales journals just as easily as for clients with Xero as their POS.

Kylie works remotely from the Docklands business and is based on the Bellarine Peninsula. This has proved no obstacle with Ezylink accurately transferring data to the cloud-based Xero accounting software.

“Normally you’d think with three different sets of software there would be issues, but it is no trouble at all.”

Installation was also simple from a book-keeping perspective, Kylie mapped out the specific chart of accounts for the software to be integrated.  

“It’s just so easy, Ezylink records all the sales data and it drops it in against the sales journals on a daily basis.”

Kylie has found no re-coding has been necessary, everything is recorded correctly with the correct GST component if applicable. 

“I think you only have a lot to say about software if it gives you headache and Ezylink is a ‘Quiet Achiever’, it just does what it needs to do,” Book-keeper, Kylie Hall, said.