Iceberg Analytics & Reporting

Make better business decisions by understanding the data behind the numbers.

Iceberg Analytics & Reporting

There is no shortage of data available to supermarket owners. As business gets more challenging, the goal is ensuring that you and your team have access to the right information at the right time and in the right format. 

Iceberg Analytics has been specifically designed for the retail trading environment. Being web based, Iceberg Analytics allows you to review your data from anywhere on any device with a web connection, including your mobile phone.

Our dashboarding gives users the opportunity to design their own landing page containing the data that they need to see as a priority. The drill down functionality provides users with the ability to quickly investigate areas of concern or opportunity in either a numerical or graphical form. 

Gone are the days when you had to access multiple systems to understand business performance. Iceberg Analytics can be linked to and display third party data from other systems including accounts, payroll, time and attendance and even the weather if you so choose.  

There is no end to the data insights Iceberg Analytics is able to provide. You can even schedule reports to be emailed to team members so you know that they are working with the most up to date and pertinent information. You have total control. 

Having better access to the right information in the format that you want it in, can only lead to better decision making and an improved bottom line performance for your business.

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    I have more insights than I have ever had before

    Working with ABCis and their new Iceberg Analytics has opened my eyes to data I was not previously able to obtain through my point of sale system

    Ben Hall
    Country Grocers & Liquor

    Reporting Benefits

    • Write your own reports

    • Schedule your reports

    • Mobility

    • Include 3rd party data

    • Drill down through your data

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