A couple wearing Christmas clothing doing their Christmas retail shopping

5 Ways to Improve Your Retail Business for the Christmas Period

Clear the decks for Christmas!

For retailers, the busiest time of year has now arrived! Shelves are stocked to the brim, Christmas product stands are popping up everywhere, festive decorations are slung and hung, and new casual staff are being trained to service the busy Christmas and New Year period. 

These are the things your customers will see at the front of house, but what can you do to keep things calm and efficient behind the scenes to capitalise on the increased trade without increasing stress?

Here are five ways to improve efficiencies in your retail store as you jingle along to the peak Christmas shopping period.

1. Make sure your systems are up to date and working correctly. Now is the time to add any new Christmas product or line items to your point of sale and accounting system.

2. Use your Ezylink data transfer to track sales and inventory daily. With loads of new products, it will be essential to keep an eye on what is selling quickly and what isn’t moving well and to plan your ongoing promotions accordingly.

3. When instructing shelf-stackers on what needs to be re-filled, rely on your daily sales data to inform what products would benefit from being re-positioned for higher display prominence.

4. Use your weekly sales data, transferred via Ezylink, to track your best-selling products. Consider which products need re-stocking, and what isn’t selling well, to guide your future stock orders.

5. Prepare for next year. This is an excellent opportunity to use what you have learnt from this year’s Christmas trade to inform your ordering and merchandising for next year.

How Ezylink can help your retail store

If you don’t already have the benefit of Ezylink seamlessly transferring data from your point of sale (POS) system to your accounting system, this could be just the time to contact Ezylink and book an installation.

Our clients have found the installation process quick and hassle-free! And to make the process even easier, the Ezylink software is compatible with most POS and accounting systems. Ezylink is set and forget, saving you loads of time in data entry, so you can invest in making your business more efficient and profitable.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more.

Please note: our team will be available to assist you throughout the Christmas and New Year period, except for the Public Holidays.