Retail Pricing Services

Engage with the experts to formulate a pricing strategy that grows your sales and profitability.

Pricing and Host File Management

The number one fundamental to ensuring your business is profitable is to ensure you are selling the right product at the right price to the right customer. Too often we see retailers take a ‘set and forget’ approach to pricing and before too long they are no longer competitive in their chosen market and sales and profits begin to decline.

We take an active approach to creating and implementing an agreed pricing strategy with our clients. We then monitor the results and tweak things as required to ensure sales and profit targets are achieved. We look at both your base and promotional pricing strategies along with your warehouse and direct supplied goods.

It sounds simple but we have developed some very sophisticated systems that apply the agreed ruleset on a weekly basis so you can get on with running your business.

ABCis freed me from backend report generation, allowing me to focus on strategy

Having a full suite of ABCis products, especially the reporting of Iceberg Analytics, helped me see the impact price rises were having on our margin in real time. We were able to combat those inflationary aspects and challenges around maintaining operational margin quickly

Hamish Gadsby
The Happy Apple

Cheaper & easier to have ABCis than employing someone

If you don’t have a designated pricing person you need someone in your mechanism to do what ABCis does for you but even if you do you need to look at the cost of it to see if it is cheaper and easier to have ABCis on board instead.

Hamish Thompson
Thomleck Group, NSW

ABCis allows us to compete with the Chains

We operate in a highly competitive environment and the flexibility provided through ABCis managing our host files allows us to customize our pricing to maximize our GP% whilst still providing our customers with an offer that allows us to compete with the chain

Mike Shakes
Fresh Street Market, Atherton QLD

Significant increases in sales

We have seen significant increases in sales and gross profit dollars since working with ABCis

Nick Nikitaras
Hill Street Grocer, Tasmania

Hosting & Managed Pricing Benefits

  • Grow your revenue

  • Grow your profit

  • Enhance your price perception

  • Understand your market

  • Improve your range

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