A guide to automating POS and accounting systems

A Guide to Automating Your Business Processes

Still on the fence about automating your business processes?

With so many powerful apps and tools available, you are sure to find an automated Point of Sale (POS) or accounting system that suits your business’ needs at an affordable price. All businesses benefit hugely from automating their POS and Accounting systems.

If you are still on the fence about automation of your business processes, here are some of the major benefits and what to look for when assessing your POS automation options.

Assessing your POS automation options

POS automation benefits

  • Accuracy of data 
  • Automatic inventory tracking to help you manage your business more effectively
  • Helps to grow your business
  • Can scale along with your business growth
  • Gives instant insight into daily sales across outlets and online platforms
  • More secure and efficient sales transactions for your customers and your business

What to look for when choosing an automated POS system

  • Initial and ongoing costs
  • Usability and scalability 
  • Payment processing fees
  • Versatile payment options, e.g., cash, card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, gift cards etc.
  • Integration with an online sales platform
  • Ability to integrate or share data with other software used by the business
  • Mobility
  • Good customer support

The latest generation of POS systems has something for everyone, and many operate using just a smartphone or tablet. Automated POS systems are also infinitely more user-friendly and an excellent investment for your business.

Assessing your Accounting system automation options

Here are some significant benefits and what to look for when assessing your accounting system automation options.

Accounting system automation benefits

  • Accuracy and time saving
  • Easily spot any discrepancies in stock or income loss
  • Ease of drawing reports
  • Real-time data helps you make quick short-term decisions that support your strategic growth
  • Stores all your data in one go-to destination
  • Automates invoice generation
  • Provides consistent reporting across different premises
  • Allows for ease of in-store and online purchases, and stock control

What to look for when choosing an automated accounting system

  • Consider upfront and ongoing costs
  • Suitability for users’ needs and accounting knowledge
  • Integration with other business systems or can work with an API, e.g., POS or sales and marketing software
  • Review all the reporting options available
  • Consider if you want cloud-based or networked backup options

Business owners wear many hats; having a POS and accounting system that is in your control, that you understand, can rely on, and frees up your time so you can grow your business is a no-brainer.

When assessing your options, keep in mind the benefits of having both systems be able to talk to each other by automatically transferring data from your POS to your accounting system. Ezylink can be configured with a choice of 16 different POS systems and 8 standard accounting systems, giving you the peace of mind that your data can be seamlessly shared between the two systems.