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The product file in your Point of Sale system is a key component to the success of your business. Unfortunately it is also one of the least understood. We create, optimize, host an assist you in maintaining your product file to maximize gross profit. It sounds simple enough but we’ve been able to provide our clients with significant productivity and profit growth through effective product file management for both warehouse and direct suppliers.

Invoicing Processing

Maintaining your direct supplier file is a tedious and time consuming tasks so why not let the experts handle it for you. Our Click Invoicing clients scan their invoices at the back dock and leave the rest to us. Within 48 hours your Point of Sale and accounting systems will both be up to date and you will not have keyed a single thing. In addition to you no longer having to double key the invoice, we also check the invoice off by line item against your product file to pick up any over charges and highlight these for you to action. Click invoicing is a complete end to end solution for managing your direct suppliers.

Investment Buying

Buying the right product for the right price at the right time is the key to profitable retailing. Each week 100s of products come off deal and we help you identify the most profitable opportunities for you to invest in taking into account all of the relevant facts and figures. We take a process that literally takes hours to complete and provide you with the best opportunities in seconds.


All retailers want to provide their customers with the best possible range of products to shop from. Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t have. To overcome this challenge, we have brought together a large group of like minded retailers and collated their Metcash and direct product and sales data in one file. We then run this file over your own product data to identify products that are ranged and selling well for your piers that you do not have. This is a great way for our clients to open up their product range without fear of the new lines not selling.

Price Optimization

With so many different pricing initiatives and competition from a variety of different retailers it is hard to know where to set your pricing to optimize sales and gross profit. We have the experience and benchmark data to help guide you in selecting the right pricing model for your business. We create ‘what if’ scenarios so that you can see first hand what impact changes would have had on historical sales data allowing you to make informed decisions that are critical to the success of your business.

Electronic Data Interfaces

Reducing your overheads in business is just as important as growing your sales. Running a retail business requires a lot of overhead so why not look to make things more efficient where you can? Paper based files, double keying of data and email attachments are all time consuming and outdated modes of sharing data. We have developed numerous electronic data interfaces to enable our customers and their stakeholders to communicate more efficiently and accurately.

Electronic Ordering

Sick of printing, scanning, emailing, phoning and faxing your orders to direct suppliers? This outdated approach to placing orders is just another inefficient process in your business that we can replace with more accurate and user friendly technology.


We work with some of the best retailers in the country and have a large database of information that we use to create benchmark data for our clients. This data enables our clients to better range, stock and price their products without the risk of not knowing how a particular product will sell.


Looking for reports that you can access on the web from any device at anytime and from any location? Would you like your reports to be emailed through to you each morning? Would you like to be able to design your own reports and access information that you have not been able to see previously? Information is king and we securely store our clients data on our own hosted servers so that you can access all the reporting you need to run a successful business.


You’ll be glad to know that every single one of our team have worked in retail prior to joining ABCis. We genuinely understand your challenges and this experience allows us to assist our clients in running every aspect of their retail business. If you are struggling with a particular process, or you don’t think you are making the profit that you should, give us a call and we will work with you to ensure your business is operating as it should.

Profit Optimization

There are too many retailers whose Point of Sale system tells them they are making a healthy profit only for their accounting system to reflect a lesser number. If you are not realizing your ‘store’ profit in your profit and loss statement and your bank account then we can help you. We call this potential profit vs actual profit and it is the number one opportunity for most retailers to increase their profitability and the value of their business. Yes, sales are important but you are selling your self short if your profit is not what it should be.

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