A little bit of genius software saving
your store time & money.

Our Ezylink software allows you to export data from your point of sale system directly into your accounting system. In a matter of a few clicks you can upload your daily sales and invoice files into your accounting system and get back to business.

Ezylink was first launched in 2005 and with over 700 clients using the software, we must be doing something right. Our Ezylink client base includes supermarkets, optometrists, nurseries, hotels, cafés, golf courses, fuel sites and many other specialty retailers.

We work with over 20 point of sale systems around the country and all of the major accounting packages. We also do custom development for clients as required.

Save Time & Money!

I would definitely recommend Ezylink to other hotel businesses, it’s just simple, once all your codes are in with two or three clicks the days accounting is recorded.

Mr Borillo
Victor Harbour

Saving money & time!

We would have had to employ someone full-time to do the data entry into MYOB and that just isn’t possible for a volunteer organisation, we had to have an automated function.

Wendy Sims
Lockington District Business

Accurate Data!

In addition to the huge time and cost savings, the accuracy of data is the other compelling reason to install Ezylink. I have installed it in our seven grocery stores and would happily recommend Ezylink to other businesses.

Nick Cook
HIgh Country Stores

It’s just so easy!

It’s just so easy, Ezylink records all the sales data and it drops it in against the sales journals on a daily basis.

Microprism Optics

It’s simple!

The simplicity of Ezylink and the ability to trouble-shoot and add codes when needed is the best feature of Ezylink.

Alesha Smith
Midway IGA

Excellent support services

Ezylink has been excellent for our business! If we have ever had any issues, I have spoken with the support team and they have provided a solution for us immediately.

Gary Hazel
Blazing Stump Motel & Suites

Ezylink Benefits

  • Save Time

  • Reduce your overheads

  • Improve data accuracy

  • Improve reporting

  • Gain control

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