Tucker Fresh Stores

Cy Carboni is the Head of Strategy and Support for Tucker Fresh stores in Western Australia. Tucker Fresh began their journey with ABCis in 2022, and have since rolled out Click Invoicing in 10 stores. Prior to the help of ABCis, Tucker Fresh stores did not have a defined procedure for invoice processing. Cy says that ‘Scanning invoices through with Click has highlighted the need for staff to check for discrepancies, helping to control margin control and pricing control in our ERP system."

Cy also states that the cost price discrepancies feature of Click Invoicing has been of the most value for their business, saying that the recent Triumph integration has ‘improved workflow and saved major efficiencies in accounts department.’

As well as the convenient, time and money saving capabilities of the product, Cy also sings praise on the ABCis support staff, saying the rollout process has been seamless and that the support is ‘absolutely sensational.’

We love having Cy on our side and look forward to working together long into the future, Thanks for your support Cy and Tucker Fresh!