Thomleck Group

Hamish Thompson, Managing director of Thomleck Group in NSW, has taken the time to tell us about his experience utilizing ABCis’ Pricing services to improve his bottom line.

Thomleck Group currently has 4 stores on board for Pricing support over the last 2 years, and had ABCis’ Click Invoicing implemented before that.
Prior to the support of the ABCis Pricing team, Hamish was paying a full time employee to do the job. Currently, our Pricing team has kept the prices maintained at a store level and increased revenue on leadout specials, coordinated by the team each week.

Hamish states that ‘Passing the job of pricing onto ABCis has been easier and more cost effective than having a full time employee’ working within the company, and he has been impressed with the support and training offered by ABCis, keeping on top of warehouse pricing changes and offering assistance to his stores where needed, to maintain bottom line.

“If you don't have a designated pricing person you need someone in your mechanism to do what ABCis does for you but even if you do you need to look at the cost of it to see if it is cheaper and easier to have ABCis on board instead.”

Thank you for your time Hamish! We love having you in our corner.