The Happy Apple

Meet Hamish, owner of 'The Happy Apple,' a popular Melbourne-based store chain known for fresh produce and excellent service.

A longtime ABCis customer, Hamish recently leveraged Iceberg Analytics, a reporting service, to tackle rising prices and market fluctuations.

In the past year, Hamish faced challenges, including price hikes impacting his profit margins. ABCis' suite of tools, including Click Invoicing, provided real-time insights.

Hamish noted, "Having a full suite of ABCis products, especially the reporting of Iceberg Analytics, helped me see the impact price rises were having on our margin in real time. We were able to combat those inflationary aspects and challenges around maintaining operational margin quickly”

Hamish found Markdown Reports on Bread and Dairy especially valuable. These reports detailed sales and pricing adjustments, streamlining decision-making. He said, "The reports are topline sales focused, bread for example,  the markdown report gives a full read each week of how much was sold full price or on markdown, and you can quickly see the impact markdown adjustments make on your bottom line.”

Hamish praised ABCis for consistent and efficient reporting. Daily and weekly reports kept him informed without wasting time on manual tasks. He stated, "ABCis freed me from backend report generation, allowing me to focus on strategy."

In conclusion, Hamish's success story showcases how ABCis' product suite, notably Iceberg Analytics, empowers data-driven decisions in retail. With ABCis, Hamish conquered pricing challenges, inflation challenges, and optimized his business. The Happy Apple continues to flourish, with Hamish excited about future growth with ABCis.